Designing Effective Research Posters

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A clear and concise research poster can be a great way to present your work to your peers. Research posters are primarily presented at conferences and other events to communicate your research to the audience.

An effective research poster should:

  • Present a summary of your work. It can be helpful to think of the poster as telling a story to the audience.
  • Be a complete story. If the poster is viewed without a presentation does it still get the point across without explanation?
  • Be visually attractive and eye catching to generate feedback and discussion.

There are many research poster templates online and numerous websites providing the do's and don't's of poster presentation. However the key thing to keep in mind is that the design and presentation of the poster should be right for the content.


This infographic, designed by Natalia Rodriguez (Communications Coordinator at Research4Life) includes some really useful tips and tricks to make your poster effective and stand out from the rest.

Dr Rosemary Morgan from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Research Fellow with the RinGs consortium has shared this useful set of slides on preparing poster presentations for health systems research.

Additional Resources